Home to school transport for pupils with a SEND

Complete this form to apply for home to school transport for a child or young person with a SEND

About the child/young person

Use the Lookup Postcode button to find the address.

If you cannot find the address, please enter it manually


About you the parent or carer

How does the child/young person currently travel to school

Parent/carer declaration

I declare that the information provided in this form is correct at the time of submission.  If any of the circumstances change I agree to notify sen.transport@liverpool.gov.uk immediately.

Should the council agree a form of travel assistance for my child I understand that:

  • Following an assessment the council will decide what form of transport assistance will be awarded.
  • It may be stopped if any information on this form is found to be incorrect.
  • It will be reviewed at least once a year.
  • Any change of circumstances for example a change of address may affect my child’s entitlement to travel assistance will result in a review of the type travel assistance awarded.
  • It may be withdrawn if the behaviour of my child presents a health and safety risk to themselves or others while travelling on the transport.
  • The council may request additional information from other professionals, for example consultants or social care professionals, in order to make a decision on eligibility.
  • My child needs to be ready at the agreed pick up point at the agreed time each morning.
  • I am responsible for ensuring an appropriate person meets my child off transport, if awarded, unless I inform the council in writing.

I have read the privacy statement which states we use, share and store any personal data included in this form.